About My Blog

I am  a [physics]  teacher by profession ……likely to start a career in the field of [ research] and/or the wonderful art of [painting/sketching] and/or [writing], also interested in [environmental] and [social] sciences  and national [ethical] issues …….reading and collecting [books], photography [nature], travelling [places with least human influence] , computer interfacing [physics experiments] are  my hobbies……..

Therefore, on my blog you’ll find a relevant reflection of

what I [think about], what I’ve [seen], what I’ve [done], what I [shouldn’t do] (anymore) and what I’ve

[written] – [composed] – [drawn– [ painted] – [photographed]

[copied] – [designed] – [produced] – [converted]

[constructed] – [destroyed]


[made up]

Most posts will be written in the universal language of [English], some will appear in my mother-language [मराठी]

The name of my blog is inspired by a beautiful poem                ….by Mary  Knaub and the video minor detail…….

Every life is a canvas.
Every motion, every thought
Another stroke of the brush.
Every success is a color,
And so is every defeat,
Raising us to new heights,
Forcing us to do better.
You are the artist.
You are the painter.
You fill the canvas with
your dreams!
If your vision is clear
And your dedication complete,
If you look inside yourself
And know the source
of your strength,
If you work and you believe,
Anything is possible!

………..poem by Mary Knaub



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