My Inspiration



It’s an obvious one – or is it?

If you were driven over by a car and found yourself dying. Would you die with a smile on your face or would you feel that you didn’t do the best of your time here on earth.  When I was hospitalized (Belgaum Cancer Hospital, Aug 2006) I realised that life is short so you should do the best of it – everyday. This is the rule I live by. Do – your – best!

I love living life………….. I’m Happy………..



Life is made up by small things that don’t seem to matter…

We are born. Even before we’re born our life is being shaped day by day. Every day, every hour and every second life passes by.

Sometimes tons of things happens at once and suddenly we notice a shape, we call these shapes memories. But most of the time life is made up by small things that never form shapes. The truth however is that these small things is what life is all about. The more of em’ you notice, the more you’ll notice life. And the more you notice life, the more you’ll enjoy it!


Everything makes me curious.

The things around us that makes up this world are truly amazing and inspiration is to be found absolutely everywhere.

Donald Duck


Personality is everything

His mood swings are the worst.He is easily provoked and his temper is explosive. He is far from perfect and fails at most things he does. By god, he’s a stupid duck. But we love him for what he is.

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