Mrs. Madhuri Shanbhag

I’ve always been a fan of madam shanbhag………….

She’s my teacher …. always the very compassionate human being and a great mentor… loving , caring  and the biggest supporter of mine…. {}

Having so many great qualities and being in a position where you have the power to positively influence people is a beautiful gift madam shanbhag has…..

I enjoy her books ( she gives me all her books with blessings and her autograph) , they are inspiring, uplifting…… She is a BIG personality…  of course meeting her you would never believe it, since she is so humble.

The more I got to know her the more I liked and respected her.  She is generous with both her money and time, helping countless causes…. .  She is a great friend too, who is witty, wise, intelligent and always supportive……………….

I pray almighty that she has continued good health, love, joy and success and that she continues to inspire us everyday through her books…….

Here is an article on her from ‘all about belgaum

Stars of Belgaum

Madhuri  M. Shanbhag a multifaceted personality

A professor of Physics by profession, now Principal of a leading science college, but she is more known to the world as a writer in Marathi, she is Mrs. Madhuri M. Shanbhag from Belgaum another star of Belgaum. A multi faceted personality who has been a winner on all fronts from home to work and the literary field as well. She was earlier  Geeta Prabhu Ajgaonkar. Born and brought up in Belgaum and  she married Dr.Mohan Shanbag.

with Dr. Abdul Kalam

Over 25Marathi books written by her have been published by noted Marathi publishers, on the subjects like science, fiction, short stories, novels and biographies.  She also translated 4 English books into Marathi, the most notable amongst it being “Agni Pankh” the translation of the book “Wings of fire” written by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

She has won many awards a list of which is too big to fit hence I have appended it at the bottom. Just to name a few notable awards will include the Lalit Vidnyaan Maharashtra Raajya Puraskaar on two occasions, KATHA Best Marathi short story, 2004.

She is very good short story writer with also a passion to translate best works into in Marathi, and the best example are “Agni Pankh” (14th Edition) the translation of the book “Wings of fire” written by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and one written by Kiran Bedi. (As I See, part1 ‘women empowerment, part2 ‘indian police’ part3 ‘leadership and governance; translated as ‘Streeyanche Saxameekaran, Sharateey Polisasevaa, Netrutv aani Prashasan)She is currently working on translating Keep of the grass, smart leadership, ‘Doctors from hell’.

madam's books

Her writing skills are far varied, she also written biographies of Kalpana Chavala (‘Swanankadun Satyakade’ 6th edition), Chandreshekar Subrnamayam(2nd edition), JRD Tata 3rdedition.

She has also written science Fiction like Punarjanm, Indradhanushya, SAP mungi udalee akashee etc. She has also written novels like Brain Waves and Tamaachya Talaashi. Not just this she has also written a set of poems for the kids.

Knowledge grows only when it is shared and with the same perception she has been giving lectures on literary and social topics, translations in and around Belgaum, in different towns of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, M.P., Delhi and many other places.

She also spends time for the social uplifment of the society and she is working as a secretary of T.F.E. Society which runs ‘Balika Adarsh Vidyalaya’ a school for Girls from lowers section of society. She also is an active member of a social organization G.S.B.Samaj’.  She actively participates in the literary organizations like Manthan, Vasant Vykhanmala etc

Mrs. Madhuri M. Shanbhag is working as a Professor of Physics at Govindram Sekseria Science College (Senior) from 1977. She is currently the Principal of the college.

Literary Awards she has got…

  • Lalit Vidnyaan Maharashtra Raajya Puraskaar, 2005
  • KATHA Best Marathi short story, 2004
  • Shri. Pu. Na. Pandit Best Short Story collection award , 2004
  • Kavi Anand award for best short story collection, 2004
  • Lalit Vidnyaan Raajya Puraskaar, 2003
  • Shantaadevi Shirole writer award by Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, 2003
  • Swatantryaveer Saavarkar award for Lalit Vidnyaan, 2000
  • Mahipati Puraskaar by Sangaati Sahitya Academy for best translation
  • Shri. Ka. Di. Sontakke award by Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, 2000
  • Ideal Reader award, Malatibai Dandekar contest – First Prize, 2000

Published Books

Short Story Collection

Palasaachi Paane



Tichi Gosht


Aanakhi Ek Rastaa
Phule ani Patri


Neersi mohamaya


Science Fiction




Mungi udalee akashee


Tamaachya Talaashi


Swapnakadun Satyakade



Agneepankha –

Dr. A. P. J. Kalaam Ek Vyaktivedh

Joy of Cancer –

As I see (three parts)

Prayogatun vidnyan (Translation)   (Learning science from experts for children of 6 to 16)

Coming up………………


3 Responses to Mrs. Madhuri Shanbhag

  1. Anonymous says: AT

  2. Dharmveer Patil says:

    Fragrance of the earth ya pustkachi batmi wachli ani shanbhag mam yanchyawishayi adhik mahiti janun ghyawi watli.ya pustkache mukhprusht maze mitr anwarhusain tyanni banawle ahe.

  3. Santosh Pandurang Palav. says:

    I want to make a marathi “ekankika” on Dr.Mrs.Madhuri Shanbhag’s some stories from book “Indradhanushya”. For that I want madam’s permission. For which I need madam’s contact no.and postal address. Please inform me the same. thank you.

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